Parma PDO Raw Ham | approx. 8.0 kg | Boneless Vacuum Packed | Maturing 18 months | 100% Italian meat

Parma PDO Raw Ham | approx. 8.0 kg | Boneless Vacuum Packed | Maturing 18 months | 100% Italian meat


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Where do we do it? Up. We process and season the hams at an altitude of 800 m above sea level, in the environmental oasis of Tizzano Val Parma, a very green area of the Apennine ridge within the typical production area of Parma Ham. When the sea breeze blows we open the windows of our rooms and let in the fresh, uncontaminated air, ideal for drying and maturing, which gives Ferrari ham its unique and unmistakable flavour. How do we do it? Alike. Forever. For us, making ham is a family tradition. We follow ancient peasant methods for processing, preserving and maturing meat, jealously guarded and handed down from our ancestors to this day. An invaluable heritage of experience and skill, which combined with slow maturing makes our products exceptional in terms of sweetness, color and taste. What do we choose? Only the best raw materials. For a supreme ham you need the best meat. This is why we pay the utmost attention to the selection of legs, coming only from farms and slaughterhouses certified by the Parma Ham Consortium. There is a mutual relationship of trust and collaboration between us and our suppliers that has lasted for over 30 years. Only in this way can we obtain the best quality and safety in every single ham. The 4 fundamental ingredients The meat Coming from pigs born and raised in Italy, over 9 months old and with an average weight of 160 kg, fed with corn, barley and whey derived from the production of Parmigiano Reggiano. The salt Distributed and dosed rigorously by hand with care and patience by our master salters: each leg is processed individually with the purest Italian sea salt of the best quality. The dry and fragrant air that you breathe on the Parma hills, at 800 meters above sea level, in the unique and uncontaminated microclimate of our land. The weather...

🏆 MADE IN ITALY - Italian meat raised from organic farming
✔️ Black Label - Boneless Pressed 18 months
✔️ Italian Excellence 5 PINS
✔️ Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)
🚚 Shipping in thermal BOX. In order to preserve the integrity and quality of our product, shipments managed by CORNACCHIA SALUMI take place with Express and Refrigerated delivery, in thermal boxes with refrigerated mattresses and dry ice.